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The European Commission of the Nobility under the name CILANE (“Commission d’information et de liaison des associations nobles d’Europe”) was established in Paris in April 1959, foremost for the exchange of experiences and information about nobility and developments in its member Associations.

The CILANE has no “president” but rather a Coordinator elected for three years. CILANE enables each national association to carry out projects together. It holds an international congress every three years.

Most of the organizations represented in CILANE are private initiatives, particularly in nations where titles of nobility are no longer recognized and therefore unregulated by law.

The delegates represent their Nobility Associations at the CILANE for the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holy See, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
The four Baltic Noble Corporations (Livonia, Estonia, Courland and Oesel) are represented in CILANE by the VdDA. is the exchange platform between its member associations.

If you are a member of an association represented at the CILANE, we invite you to fill out the registration form to request access on the website.

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