The «Commission d’information et de liaison des associations de noblesse d’Europe» (CILANE) was founded in Paris in 1959 on the initiative of five representatives of Nobility associations, namely France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Russia. CILANE is a co-ordinating and liaison body, which comprises today sixteen independent national associations of nobility, each considered representative of their own country’s nobility as a whole.
Neither CILANE nor its Member Associations are able to accept sales or purported sales of titles or nobility, or grants of nobility, titles or decorations not awarded by a sovereign state to one of its own nationals.

CILANE is a forum and it does not purport to speak for the European nobilities as a whole.

The aims of CILANE are primarily cultural but a number of the Member Associations also have charitable objectives and/or publication programmes. In particular CILANE seeks to maintain an understanding of the identity of the nobility based on historical and legal accuracy while promoting the maintenance of traditional noble values as a dynamic resource for our own times. This is encouraged by providing an effective means of liaison and information between the Member Associations and, by developing relations of friendship and reciprocity, and by organising exchanges between members of the individual associations of all ages, are invited to meet during different events and to take part in exchanges.

The official seat of CILANE is 9, Rue du Chevalier de Saint Georges, Paris 75008.