(Associação da Nobreza Histórica de Portugal – ANHP)

The Historical Nobility Association of Portugal is a private non-profit entity, created in 1984.
The Association’s Honorific President is HRH Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança, Head of the Royal House of Portugal.


The founders of the association wanted to ensure the maintenance of the moral and cultural legacy acquired by the Nobility, the defence of common interests and support to needy members.
This implies the defence, promotion and transmission to new generations of the values upon which the Nobility is based.
All the members of the Portuguese Nobility are invited to join.


The Association’s objectives, reflected in its by-laws, include the promotion of:

  • the sense of honour;
  • loyalty;
  • the spirit of service;
  • the desire for excellence;
  • the recognition and defence of members’ cultural and social interests;
  • the study and disclosure of issues related to the Portuguese historical Nobility, in a spirit of integration with the country’s cultural policies;
  • the collaboration, liaison and participation in related and similar associations, federations and institutions, within Portugal and abroad;


To achieve those objectives the Association develops various activities, namely:

  • special Protocols of Collaboration with Retirements Homes;
  • special Protocols of Collaboration with entities providing Home-Care Services;
  • disclosure of assistance and charitable events;
  • the organization and disclosure of cultural and social events;
  • the organization and disclosure of conferences and seminars;
  • the elaboration and disclosure of publications of historical interest;
  • the organization of guided visits to cultural heritage sites with special meaning to the Nobility;
  • the promotion of an active Youth Section which maintains, participates and divulges various events, both national and international, related to this age group.

The Association maintains an active and continuous interest in the “Institute of Portuguese Nobility” (whose Honorific President is also HRH Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança, Head of the Royal House of Portugal), participating regularly in this entity’s meetings and deliberations. This is important, given the Institute’s exclusive authority and competence to recognize and register titles, benefits and other rights related with the Nobility in Portugal.
Since 1985 the Association is a member of CILANE, participating actively and regularly in its meetings, congresses and other events. Since the beginning of 1989 the Association’s Delegate to CILANE is Mr. António de Mattos e Silva.




  • Count of Alcáçovas (2017 – )
  • Count of Nova-Gôa (2005 – 2017)
  • Count of Rezende (1996 – 2005)
  • Marquis of Pombal (1984 – 1996)